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Centrifugal Fans are well engineered, high efficiency, Low noise air moving blowers, are manufactured with latest machineries to meet the requirement of process / clean air handling applications in Foundry, Power Plants, Engineering Industries and Cement Producing Plants.These Fans are provided with single and multiple (Parallel or series operation) impellers to suit wide range of air discharge and pressure development combinations.

These Fans are made in a wide range of impeller sizes varying from 200 to 2750mm diameter having air-handling capacities of 500CMH to 3,00,000CMH, while the pressure developed by the fan could be as high as 1500 mm WG (Reference air/gas density of 1.20 Kg./

These Fans can be fabricated in Mild Sheet Steel/ SS-304/ SS-316-L/ SS-310/ Aluminum alloy & FRP Coated at reasonably higher thickness. We provide exclusive surface finishing & coating such as Hard Chrome grounded Shaft, Enamel/ Epoxy / PU/ Rubber seal paints.

The impeller blades are multibladed construction with its blade of special contour engineered to handle varied quality air streams. Based on application/ air quality the fan impellers cans be selected.

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  • High Volume Limit Load Blowers*(SISW Type)
  • High Volume Limit Load Blowers*(DIDW Type)
  • Low Pressure Blowers
  • Plug Fans
  • Medium Pressure Blowers (Backward Curved Blades)
  • Medium Pressure Blowers (Self Cleaning Blades)
  • Medium Pressure Blowers (Straight Radial Blades)
  • Induced and Forced Draft Fans
  • High Pressure Blowers
  • Two Stage Blowers

Centrifugal Blowers Fan Manufacturers

*Available in class 1,2,3 and 4 constructions.


  • Air Volume 2,50,000 C.M.H
  • Air Pressure upto 1200 mm w.g in Single Stage
  • Air Pressure above 1200 mm w.g in Two Stage
  • Temperature upto 380 C with cooling disc
Centrifugal Blowers Fan


  • Easy Maintainability
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low Noise
  • High Efficiency
  • Customize Drive arrangements
  • Customize Discharge directions
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  • Available in M.S /S.S /Aluminium /F.R.P
  • High temperature fan with cooling disc
  • Drain Pug and inspection window
  • Horizontally split housing for easy handling
  • F.R.P / Rubber lining
  • Inlet / Outlet Dramper
  • Special Paint finish
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